You are not alone.

At RDO, we understand that the application only, “fast food” finance process can be an unfair evaluation of you and your business. Sometimes it takes a finance company that is willing to go beyond the numbers, listen to your story and find a way to make things work today while putting you on the road to a better place tomorrow. And we partner with the best.
Bravo Capital, an Austin-based equipment finance company, helps business owners get the equipment they need regardless of their past or present credit standing. They treat you like a person, never a number, and offer financing that fuels your opportunity.



The Process

Gather & Submit Information

Sure, we have an application too. Gotta start somewhere. And there will be a few other things we’ll collect along the way, but don’t worry. Bravo will be there to help every step of the way.

A Conversation with Bravo

This is where the Bravo team gets your story. Numbers almost never tell the paint the whole picture, and we’re here to go further and fuel your opportunity.

Underwriting the Deal

Bravo evaluates all the information–qualitative and quantitative–keeping you informed every step of the way.

The Decision is Made

Bravo makes the final decision, offering a Letter of Intent if approved and starts working on the documentation.

Documents & Funding

Bravo coordinates closing, funds the dealer and you put your equipment to work in your business.

Understanding Credit Decisions

Think of the credit process as a big sliding scale. Where we have strong collateral with lots of equity, we can handle more challenging credit score situations. Or where we have tax liens in play, we can still make things work with strong collateral and a great revenue growth story. This is why our approach sets us apart. No application only system is ever going to get to the bottom of these situations and help you go further. And as the risk in a deal increases, the rate increases accordingly since our capital is on the line.

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Fueling the Opportunity