Finance your truck.

At Back Forty, we understand the importance of the finance process for your equipment. And we have partnered with a strong, consistent lender– ABC Equipment Finance. Together, we can offer competitive finance packages for all kinds of situations. The team at ABC brings more than 20 years of experience in trucking and is someone we trust to help you get down the road.


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100% Financing
24-60 Month Terms
$3,000-$150,000 Application Only
One page, Simple Credit Application
Same Day Credit Decisions
Deferred Payment Options up to 90 days
Financing for Newer Businesses

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Unlock greater access to money. Be careful about using your bank. Lots of truck financing can often get in the way of your ability to access working captial you need to keep the cash flowing. ABC offers trucking companies of all kinds competitive financing that doesn’t interefere with your bank relationships.

Cash flow is the real MVP. And financing is the best way to make sure you are maximizing it. Paying cash may be great for peace of mind, but not-so-great if you actually want to grow the business and make more money. Keep your cash and rely on the team at ACG to come up with a cash flow plan for all your equipment needs.

Uncle Sam wants you to buy this equipment. There is a wonderful provision in 2000 pages of tax code (Section 179) that give you a little motivation to get this deal done. By offering a tax credit for your equipment purchases up to certain limits, it actually makes this purchase even more affordable.

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