Customized Vendor Finance Landing Pages

Give your vendors a simple, customized tool that makes them look like a billion bucks to their customers and help you do more deals.

The finance marketing experts at Sawbux Marketing offer a solution for the critical step that lies between the vendor sale and the online finance app. A customized, co-branded or private label web solution for vendors that allows for:

  • Access to information about the financing process
  • Listing the benefits of financing in a simple, easy to understand way
  • Entry to applications and calculators
  • Understanding of how the vendor and the finance company work together
  • Quick access to the dedicated contact for a specific vendor
  • A password protected page for vendors with rates, sales tools, marketing flyers
  • Unlimited possibilities as a customized sales tool

Want to see an example?



Landing Page Basic

  • Sawbux will build a customized landing page designed for the vendor AND the finance company
  • Sawbux will do all graphic design work to take on the branded look of the vendor
  • Sawbux will include messaging and branding of the vendor finance company as well
  • Personalized account management contact on the page
  • All web design, copywriting, image purchases included
  • Unlimited revisions and edits with a simple email submission or phone call
  • NAME domain and hosting included
  • Simple calculators and application forms are included
  • NO CONTRACTS. Cancel anytime.

Landing Page Plus

  • All the features in the basic offering PLUS:
    • Password protected vendor page to include content just for the vendor sales team
    • Pricing
    • Sales Materials
    • Education pieces
    • Quick quoters (Calculators)
    • Contact information for the finance company
    • Case studies
    • and more!


4 Steps + 10 days =

A sales tool that will knock your vendors off their feet and help you do more deals.

Place your order!. No limitations…just in case you have several vendors in mind.

We’ll call you! You’ll hear from Sawbux within 24 hours to set up a consultation (conference call).

Creative process begins! We’ll have a draft page delivered in 5 business days.

Get it done! Sawbux makes revisions per your guidance and voila…a tool to impress vendors and do more deals. It’s that easy.

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